The Service We Offer Our Clients


This is exactly what we can do for you.

Before you make a decision,ask yourself; how many cheap programs have I tried? How many of them did you any good? My guess is none or you wouldn’t be reading this.I will made one promise. I will do my very best to help you succeed in the music business.

Starter Program

Your music submitted to over 1,000 genre specific radio stations

One professionally written press release

Distributed to 25 publications and 10 music websites.

Cost $3,750.00

This requires a 3 month commitment


 Success Package

Your music submitted to 1,500 genre specific radio stations

One professionally written press release.

Distributed to 50 publications and 50 music websites..

Cost $5,625.00

This requires a 6 month commitment.


Premium Package

Your music distributed to 2500 genre specific radio stations

One  professionally written press release.

Distributed to hundreds of opt in journalists from 

publications such as :


Business Week.

Clear Channel Magazine

CMJ New Music Report

Entertainment Tonight

Hollywood Beat

Music News Magazine

Music Row Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine

Time Magazine

Tiger Beat Magazine

Boston Globe, The

Chicago Sun-Times

Dallas Morning News, The

Los Angeles Times

New York Times and hundreds more.

As well as a tier one journalist subscribed wire service.

(This will send your press release to the music news desk of 

just about every publication in the US)

Your music will be promoted on over 150 music websites, 

podcasters, and 100’s of Music blogs on Google, Yahoo, and 

Bing.Including the top  50 music blogs

Distribution of your video to over 40 of top video sharing 

sites; and promoting the videos.

Tour support for a 10 stop tour which includes,

promotion,and interviews  in each  city. (60 Day advanced notice required)

 In addition to all of the above we will promote your music to 

at least 5000 Industry Contacts and 50,000 music fans by 

email,rss feed, social media and popular magazines.

Cost $15,599.00

This requires a 12 month commitment.


Guaranteed Results Premium Package


(Pricing depends on results wanted)


For artists with a modest budget; we can also help you.




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