Do You Really Need a Publicist and How Can They Help You?

In almost any field, publicity is necessary; and the music market is no exception. This may include the promotion of a new CD, concert tour, or just about any development about you or your music; fans like to hear about you as much as they do about your music, and  it is a publicists job to make sure your fans and your potential fans do, by establishing a relationship  with the media and other sources in an attempt to bring about direct exposure that’s right for you by means of reviews of your music, getting radio play, and getting your performances covered by journalists, among many other things a publicist does.

The first thing we need to start thinking about would be the present state of the music market as well as exactly what different kinds of things will need to develop so that you can make sure it is moving your career forward.. One aspect in particular is the need for publicists to promote a band or artist’s music, using both new and traditional methods.

When it comes to seeking out a publicist you may find that some of them specialize in specific kinds of promotion, such as publications, radio play, music blogs, or even marketing and advertising to the college market, some can be even further defined. This can be a problem, as most indie artists can’t afford to hire different publicists to cover different areas of promotion for you.  Consequently, artists and bands should ponder the value as well as the advantages of hiring a publicity firm cautiously.


You might want to consider a publicist that does general publicity work in the music field; or, if your funds are low, or don’t exist at all, you might want to consider self promotion, or even asking a friend to help you with it. With that being said, engaging a publicity firm could prove to be a great resource in the event that your are trying to create awareness of your music.

Publicity can be done either as a single campaign for a particular event, for example if a band is going on tour they may hire a publicist to send out press releases to local radio station and newspapers announcing information about when and where they will be performing, perhaps even arranging for the band to be interviewed on a local radio station that plays their particular genre of music. On the other side of coin, some artists may hire a publicist on an ongoing basis for a monthly fee to do general promotion for them. In either case it is paramount that the publicist knows who the trend setters are.

I hope this has been helpful to some of you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me

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